Friday, August 13, 2010

My SF Playwriting Debut--3 Days Away!

"Drinking for Two"

Written by Marissa Skudlarek
Directed by Sara Staley
Starring Nicole Hammersla and Derricka Smith

"It's one drink. One drink, with an old friend. And then I am going to pop a breath mint and go home and lie to Jeremy about where I’ve been. My life is not going to end just because I’m having a child. That’s what I’ve always said."

One of the Pint-Sized Plays at San Francisco Theater Pub
nine short plays, by local writers
each performed in the time it takes to drink a beer

8 PM, August 16, 23, and 30
FREE admission, no reservations

at the Cafe Royale
800 Post St, San Francisco

For more information about SF Theater Pub and the Pint-Sized Plays, check out this radio interview with Theater Pub co-founders Stuart Bousel, Bennett Fisher and Brian Markley. Round about the 23-minute mark, you'll hear of a young writer who is making her SF debut with a Pint-Sized Play about a pregnant woman who craves a beer... Yes, my name and my play were mentioned on the radio! Thanks Stuart, Ben, Brian, and 90.3 FM!


Anonymous said...
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Dr.J said...

Theater people in Spain say: A lot of sh..! to desire good luck (for some unknown reason) and never dress yellow because it brings bsd luck after Moliére death.
Got music for your play, last week I listened to a pop-cuntry song by
Nancy Apple "Dinner for one, table for two". Is Monday a fine day? ´cos I don´t like Mondays...

Marissa said...

Thanks for the kind words. In America we don't say "good luck" either, we say "Break a leg."

Mead said...

And on that note: break a leg tomorrow, Divine Ms M!

Anonymous said...
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Marissa said...

Thanks so much, Mead!