Sunday, August 1, 2010

Additions to the Blogroll--August

Under the category "Friends' Blogs":
  • An Informal Cuneiform, the blog of the multi-talented Claire Rice, a local playwright and director whose gorgeous play about Demeter was one of the highlights of the recently-concluded San Francisco Olympians Festival.
  • The China Monologues (great name huh?), the blog of a dear friend of mine from high school who has just gone to teach English for a year in Shenzhen, China. (which is right next to Hong Kong, in case you were wondering.)
Under the category "San Franciscans":
  • Rants, Raves, and Rethoughts, the extremely active blog of playwright J.C. Lee, whose play This World Is Good I will be seeing later this month, produced by Sleepwalkers Theatre. He has some very astute things to say about theater--I really related to his post The Short Play, smart writing about a topic that I have been pondering a lot this year.
Speaking of which... my top priority this month is to complete another one-act play, so I can't promise tons of blogging. Then again, I may blog to distract myself from the things I should be writing. You know how that goes.

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