Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Way to Santa Fe

Yes, it's another "there will be no new posts for several days" announcement. BUT! that usually means I have something exciting to do (and the promise of exciting posts when I return), doesn't it?

In this case, that's exactly what's happening! Tomorrow through Sunday, I will be in New Mexico to see the Santa Fe Opera! My parents are already there, and together we will see two productions: La Traviata and The Letter.

Don't ask me to pick which of these makes me more excited. Traviata has Natalie Dessay in her role debut as Violetta, and if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know how much I love Natalie Dessay. It will also be my first time at a live performance of a Verdi opera!

Meanwhile, The Letter is a world premiere opera (based on the classic Maugham story and Bette Davis film) with music by Paul Moravec and libretto by Terry Teachout. I guess now's the time to mention that a few years ago, I e-mailed Terry in response to one of his Wall Street Journal reviews, and that led us to strike up a correspondence/ friendship. So I know one of the instigators of this project--and I'll get to applaud my friend as he becomes a creator of theater, not just a critic and commentator. He's been blogging and tweeting up a storm this past week as the premiere approaches--it's really whetted my appetite!

I'm sure I'll write about both these important operatic events next week.

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