Monday, August 25, 2008

What I'm Up To

Great. Just as I arrive in San Francisco, the SF Weekly has to publish an article about how hard it is to find housing in the city and why August is the worst time to look for it.

I may not be as strenuously hip as the people described in the article, and certainly don't want to live somewhere that throws No-Pants Parties on a regular basis, but oy! even if you're not trying to move in with the coolest kids on the block, it's still not a fun process. And because I'm both new to this city and to the experience of finding shared housing, I feel like a total naïf...unsure of what questions I should be asking that weren't already covered, unsure of how to promote myself and "seal the deal"...

At least I'm getting a grasp on San Francisco geography, I'm running around so much.

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