Thursday, August 28, 2008

Overheard: The "Usually I'd Agree With This, But Not in San Francisco" Edition

Market Street, about an hour ago. Two cops stroll past me, chatting. One says to his buddy:

"If you cain't tell the difference between a man and a woman, then you've got some serious problems."


Mead said...

What did we ever do before blogging, twittering, chattering and naterring via the virtual universe? I ax you, MS, what? It is so much fun following your San Francisco exploits via your blog. Please try to add new entries several times a day.

I had forgotten the anti-Portland rubric over the doorway at Vesuvio. When I first saw this, it seemed like it was meant specially for me, because I had just abandoned Portland for "the cool, grey city of brotherly love," as Mr. Maupin wryly described it. I was the same age as you at the time, and I thought San Francisco was THE BIG CITY. You're already considerably less naive than I was at the same age, so I know you have no such illusions,'s still quite a town, isn't it.

I'll always remember those days fondly, when everything seemed possible. But I must also say I feel so lucky to have made it back to verdant, placid Portland in time for my dotage.

Now please go work on that next post!


Marissa said...

Oh Mead, I'll try to keep adding entries; of course I really should be trying to get a job, but this is more fun!

Well, I too thought that Vesuvio's painted lintel was a sign telling me I'd made the right decision to move here. And San Francisco is the second-biggest city I've lived in, next to Paris, and the first one where I feel I can really make it my home and not just be there as a guest. So maybe I'm still a little wide-eyed and naïve...but I'm learning.

Anushka said...

hey marissa,
i loved the title of this post.... what is this strange beautiful city we have come to?

Marissa said...'s the place to throw away all our old expectations and make new ones!