Monday, April 18, 2016

Things You Find on the Upper East Side That You Don't Find in San Francisco

  • Tulips
  • Men who hold the door for you 
  • Twenty-something guys who wear loafers and tucked-in polo shirts
  • Preppy nicknames (I went to brunch yesterday with a Scottie and a Wooley, among others)
  • Hipster-looking men who make the sign of the cross in public
  • Conversations about having to take Latin in school
  • Drugstores where everything except the (exorbitant) prices seems to have been frozen in time in the 1980s or earlier
  • Lots of off-leash, purebred dogs
  • Park benches that you can lie down on
  • Women in black pencil skirts and stilettos, smoking cigarettes as they stride down the sidewalk
  • A man in a double-breasted blazer, carrying a bowler hat and a trench coat and a little white lapdog in a dog carrier, who stops by your brunch table and informs you that the dog is named "Ellie" after a prep-school classmate of his daughter's, who also happens to be at your brunch table (this is probably the most surreally UES thing to happen to me yesterday, especially as I was jetlagged)

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