Sunday, July 27, 2014

If the "Pleiades" Characters were Jane Austen Heroines

Inspired by Lily Janiak's blurb calling Pleiades "the love child of Jane Austen and Wendy Wasserstein," and a conversation I just had with my boyfriend about Mansfield Park*, I give you:

If the Attlee Sisters were Jane Austen Characters: A Study in Correspondences
  • Moira = Elinor Dashwood. Loving, responsible eldest sister who keeps a lot of secret sadness locked up in her heart. 
  • Elaine = Marianne Dashwood. An idealistic romantic determined to follow her heart, despite any warnings or cautions she may receive.
  • Teresa = Lizzy Bennet. Outspoken and lively; she loves her sisters even though they often frustrate her.
  • Alison = Mary Bennet. Awkward middle sister who is usually the odd one out, and whose sisters scorn her musical tastes.
  • Kelly = Emma Woodhouse. A ringleader who feels very secure and contented in her position and her family.
  • Sarah = Catherine Morland. She still believes in fairy tales.
  • Meredith = Margaret Dashwood. The archetypal kid sister.
FYI, I have always identified with Elinor but wished I were more like Lizzy... that's something you might want to keep in mind if you come see Pleiades.

Tickets to the show (August 7 to 30 in San Francisco) are on sale at

*I realize I need to add this to the list of Ways In Which I Am Really a Whit Stillman Character.

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