Monday, May 12, 2014

Theater Pub Roundup (Yee-Haw)

It's been a while since I posted any links to my Theater Pub columns here, so it's time to do a big old roundup of the stuff I've written over the last two months.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about racial and gender diversity (and my confused, guilty-white-liberal feelings about them) in A Nice Day for a White Wedding?

In the column before that, Declaration of Independence, I wrote about what I see as a growing anti-corporate sentiment among young people, and whether we makers of indie theater can use that to our advantage.

In App Happy, one of my more lighthearted pieces, I envisioned three theater-related apps that I wish existed in real life, complete with cute app names: Anachorrect, Venuse, and StageSeen!

During the week that my inbox was exploding with actors trying to sign up for audition slots for my show, I wrote a post urging aspiring theater producers to Be Regular and Orderly In Your Inbox.

My piece Truth and Kindness is a response to and endorsement of my fellow blogger Ashley Cowan's exploration of "how to be both honest and kind" when participating in an artistic community.

Finally, in March, the Theater Pub blog published its 500th post. To mark the occasion (and cash in on the March 2014 mania for Silly Buzzfeed Quizzes), we put together a quiz called What Theater Pub Blogger Are You? Admit it, you've always wanted to know...

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