Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm a Theater Widow @ SF Theater Pub Blog

While I've been busy this month with writing projects and the like, my boyfriend has been busy too, playing bass four nights a week for Custom Made Theatre's production of Next to Normal.

Thus, I've become a theater widow—something I never intended to be, considering that a few years ago I adopted an informal policy of not dating theater people.

In my latest piece for SF Theater Pub's blog, I write about my experience of theater-widowhood. Fortunately, it's coming to an end soon. I'll still be busy in November—the San Francisco Olympians Festival will take up most of my free time—but at least I'll be seeing the Olympians plays together with my boyfriend.

(This is all part of my campaign to make "theater widow" a more widely-known and widely used phrase, by the way.)

And if you've missed out on Next to Normal, there's still one more weekend to see this production!


Dr.J said...

Hi, Marissa, greetings from Spain! Long time since I last commented (dunno if you ever had a boyfriend that time) but I keep on reading just now and then. A question for you: friend of mine recently praised and recommended William Saroyan; I wonder what is his reputation (that of his plays, of course) nowadays in the US panorama. Thankyou and good luck!

Marissa Skudlarek said...

Hola Dr. J.! I have not seen or read any of Saroyan's plays. I have a feeling that they probably don't get produced very much in the U.S. because they require big casts (thus they are not economically viable). I googled "saroyan reputation" and found an article that calls him "no longer fashionable and neglected by the canon." Which sounds pretty accurate to me.