Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Pleiades" and Other Olympians Festival News

My lack of blogging over the past week can be attributed to a busy work schedule, the approaching holiday season, and my taking time to work on other theater/writing projects.

But maybe you'd like to hear about these other projects?

I told you a couple of months ago that I am associate-producing the 2011 San Francisco Olympians Festival, and that we were seeking submissions. But I forgot to give you an update: we've announced our 2011 lineup and performance dates! Unlike the 2010 Festival, which featured 12 full-length plays, the 2011 festival is a mix of full-lengths, one-acts, and shorts, all based on Greek mythology that deals with the planets and constellations.

The reading of my full-length play, Pleiades, will take place October 22 of next year. Full schedule here.

I've started work on Pleiades -- I love the first part of writing a play, when you can feel the characters taking on a life of their own, and the play taking on a distinctive tone/style/vocabulary. The play is defining itself, and not yet giving me grief and causing me frustration... we'll see how long this lasts!

We have our first writers' meeting tomorrow evening and I'm very excited to meet everyone and see what they're bringing to the table.


Dr.J said...

Is the title influenced by the Bibliotheque de la Pleiade of french editors Gallimard? you know, the one driving the car in the accident that killed A. Camus?
do you know his Caligula?

Marissa said...

Well, as a Francophile, I do know about the "Pléiade" editions of great French literature, but that's not why I chose to write about the Pleiades. It's more because I prefer to write about female protagonists, and the Pleiades are the seven sisters, and I went to a "Seven Sisters" college.