Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Damn The Torpedos, I'm Doing NaPlWriMo

  • In 2007, I signed up for NaPlWriMo, didn't play by the rules (I had already started working on the play before November 1) and didn't end up finishing it that month, either.
  • In 2008, I signed up for NaPlWriMo, worked on a play that I thought I should be writing (a family drama with an all-female cast) rather than what I actually wanted to write. Well, I don't know what I wanted to write in 2008, but it wasn't that. Plus I had just moved to SF, I was lonely, I didn't have any artistic friends, and was living in a house that reeked of anti-intellectualism.
  • In 2010... I'm signing up for NaPlWriMo again. Yes, even though I only began my play last night and am thus working with a major handicap (75 pages in 22 days, not 75 pages in 30 days). And even though I have a busy November in front of me: plays to see, other blog posts I want to write, a personal life that I want to live and then record in my diary! But I want to write this play, too. After a year in which I worked only on short pieces, I am looking forward to writing a full-length that represents where I am now as a writer. After all, my last full-length was completed 2.5 years ago!
I probably should be telling myself, for motivational purposes, "Marissa, you WILL make it to 75 pages, no doubt about it!" But of course I have my doubts. Nonetheless, if I have even 45 or 50 pages by the end of the month, I will be a happy writer.

As for the play itself, it's a modern, mildly sci-fi interpretation (e.g. it's sci-fi in the sense that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is sci-fi) of an old legend... but it is NOT an Olympians Festival play. And that's all I'm going to say for now.

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