Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Sooner or Later," I'll Write Better Blog Posts. In the Meantime...

An old favorite: Stephen Sondheim

A new favorite (after seeing Scapin at ACT last night): Bill Irwin

So I have to post this video of Karen Ziemba singing, and Bill Irwin clowning, to Sondheim's "Sooner or Later," from Dick Tracy. Enjoy!


Flip Chick said...

I love watching this! I remember that when I first saw it, Karen Ziemba was one of the few people I'd never heard of before or seen before, but she knocked this number out of the park and gave a very memorable performance.

Marissa said...

Indeed! She's great.

I didn't know about this Sondheim tribute at Carnegie Hall (was too young to watch it when it first aired). I'll have to see if there are more clips from it on youtube!