Monday, September 13, 2010

"Mad Men" Satisfaction

Thanks to commenter John for discovering my old "The British Invasion comes to Mad Men" post and pointing out that the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" could be heard in the most recent episode. I'm really happy that the writers of Mad Men chose to take advantage of this iconic '60s song, because I had worried that it might be "too predictable for Matthew Weiner & co." And I think it worked perfectly to play it at the beginning of Episode 8, just past the halfway point of the season. If Don Draper hit rock bottom in Episode 7 last week (amazing writing and acting in that episode, by the way... it was really a two-character play for Don and Peggy), Episode 8 is where he begins to try to sober up, shape up, and reevaluate his life. Clearly, he still has a long way to go. But to accompany him on his new journey, at least now he has a song that might help him to express his feelings of anger, impotence, and dissatisfaction.

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