Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comme c'est charmant

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays guitar and sings the old Jacques Brel song "La Valse à Mille Temps":

I love Brel's original version, but this is even more ridiculously charming. Gordon-Levitt's glee is infectious, and I'm impressed by his choice of this tongue-twisting French song! He enunciates it quite well, too... the little puns and subtleties.

Indeed, it seems it's becoming de rigeur to develop a celebrity crush on this guy, and I have to jump on the bandwagon. How could I not have a thing for an American man who looks great in a suit, knows his Jacques Brel, and makes up new (racy) lyrics for the French part of "Bad Romance"?

Nonetheless, I probably shouldn't get too worked up. Being a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan, of course I love him as "Tom" in (500) Days of Summer. And if that movie has a moral, it's that you shouldn't repeat Tom's mistake of idealizing somebody and getting a crush on them based solely on the fact that they're cute and have good taste in music. Uh-oh.


Marguerite said...

Bad, bad girl. Why are you encouraging-- nay, ENABLING-- my celebrity crush? That is pretty freaking hilarious. Comme c'est charmant, indeed...

Marissa said...

Think of it as a public service--I'm keeping you in touch with American pop culture! Just think how you'd feel if you returned to the States next year and discovered that every woman but you was well versed in the total adorableness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt! You'd say "Why did no one tell me about this earlier?"