Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enjoyment and Achievement

"It was a matter of choosing between enjoyment and achievement, between the demands of life and art. The choice is presented several times to everyone at a very early period in his life, and after he has chosen one or the other a few times in succession his course is almost irrevocably determined. Such apparently random and unimportant decisions are much more serious than they appear; for, alas, the direction of one's life does not wait on maturity or wisdom, but is settled in the most offhand manner by emotion, appetite, and caprice. It was Balzac, I think, who said it was vital for a young man to decide very early on his ambition in life, simply because he was bound to attain it. But I did not know this, and telling myself once again that I could always return to the toilsome life of art, I chose once more the primrose path of present enjoyment. The important thing in life was to have a good time."
--John Glassco, Memoirs of Montparnasse


Anonymous said...
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Dr.J said...

Isn´t it a funny name Glass&Co?
Here is a plot for you "An american in Paris" based upon the life of William Christie, the conductor and founder of Les Arts Florissants.
The play represents the moment of his "exile" from the USA during the Vietnam War and arrival to France. The Original Soundtrack a mixture of Apocalypse Now and Rameau Les Indes Galantes. Characters to wear masks and barroque gowns and shoes.
As you are an expert in music and french culture it must be easy.
Don´t need to thank me, it´s free.

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