Saturday, April 3, 2010

April is the Cruelest Month

Last year around this time I wrote a post titled My Soul is Fettered to an Office-Stool. And yeah, due to the nature of my job, it's happening again now: work is going to consume my life for the next four weeks or so, and posting may get sparse around here. Actually, I can think of at least ten things on my to-do list that ought to take priority over blogging, at the moment:
  1. examining every one of my stray thoughts to see whether I can turn it into a short play (because I feel that I need to build up an arsenal of one-act plays)
  2. writing said plays
  3. doing my taxes
  4. making my room/apartment more beautiful and livable
  5. reading (plays, novels, The New Yorker)
  6. seeing theater
  7. attempting to have a life and see friends
  8. writing about said life in my pen-and-paper journal
  9. taking long walks whenever the weather is nice enough
  10. getting enough sleep
  11. trying to squeeze all of these activities in while working till at least 8 PM nightly, and sometimes going into the office on weekends!
Actually, the challenge of goal #11 excites me; to triumph over this cruelest of months! And if I succeed in that, perhaps I will have some good thoughts/stories/opinions to share with you on this here blog. But maybe that won't happen till the merry month of May...

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