Saturday, January 3, 2009

IKEA for theater geeks

Ever see a production of Ibsen's classic Hedda Gabler and wish that Hedda and Eilert Løvborg, the ill-fated erstwhile lovers, didn't have to die at the end? Well, never fear: now they can be together--and in your bed--with the new "Hedda Löv" collection from IKEA.

Featuring an attractive botanical pattern inspired by the vine leaves that Hedda once pictured in Løvborg's hair, the Hedda Löv duvet will surely provoke everyone who walks into your bedroom to remark "Fancy, that Hedda!"

100% cotton and conveniently machine washable.*

*Bloodstains from shooting yourself with your father's old pistol probably will not wash out, however.


Mead said...

This made me LOL, as the kids say. Even ROFL. Isn't life amusing?

Jaime said...

That is hi-larious.