Saturday, February 9, 2008

Paris Memories--Old and New

A year ago at this time, I was in Paris...and I still faithfully read some Paris and French-centered blogs. Today, one of my favorites, Polly-Vous Français, linked to a website called Paris Avant, which posts old b&w photos of Paris side by side with recent pictures of the same location.

I clicked on the link and, by chance, today's photo brought back a flood of memories. It is of the Gare de Boulainvilliers, in the 16eme, which was really close to where I, if the photo had been taken from a slightly different position, you'd be able to see my building.

I can't post the image on my site, so you'll have to go to Paris Avant to see it. If there's a new photo up on the front page (they change at noon every day, Paris time), go here to see the Gare de Boulainvilliers.

The site is only available in French, but you can try to search by arrondissement or hunt around for major landmarks. Here is another photo of the 16eme: Rue de Passy, the main shopping street near where I lived. (The modern photo was taken last April...meaning I was still in Paris! I like to think I'm somewhere there, hovering just outside of camera range.)

And here is the bookstore Gibert Jeune on Place St-Michel, one of my old stomping grounds.


Polly said...

Hi Marissa,

Thanks for the mention -- don't you love the Paris Avant site? Fred, the photographer, would love volunteer assistance with translating to English, so I said I'd spread the word.



Marissa said...

Thanks for visiting, Polly--and letting me know about the translation project. I'd love to help out, but don't think I'll have any time for a couple of months...