Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to Get Marissa's Attention

If any of the following elements are present in a book or article, you can be sure that it'll get my attention:
  • Playwrights, especially female playwrights
  • France or the French
  • Behind-the-scenes political intrigue
  • Larger-than-life personalities
So you can imagine my excitement when there's something in the news combining all four of these topics!

Playwright Yasmina Reza got behind-the-scenes access to Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential campaign and just published a book about it, L'Aube le soir ou la nuit (Dawn, Evening or Night). New York Times article here, some clunkily translated excerpts here.

I think I'm going to want to read this one in French, especially if the English translation is as bad as what the Times just published. After all, it has "dialogue of which the theater could be jealous"! Wow!

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