Friday, September 5, 2008

Overheard: The "If You're That Jaded, Maybe You Do Belong in New York" Edition

Geary Street bus, about 4 PM this afternoon. It is over 90 degrees outside and very sunny, though thankfully not humid.

GIRL #1: If it has to be this hot outside, I wish I was in New York City.

ME: Thinking of New York City when the temperature is above 90...the oppressive East Coast humidity...the crushing crowds of people...the dirty littered streets...the way that the subway platforms become like grubby saunas...ugh ugh ugh, thank God I'm not there.

GIRL #2: Why?

GIRL #1: Because you're always exited when you're in New York. But this is just San Francisco. Ho hum.

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Anushka said...

this is awesome. i have to admit, last night when looking for fun after work i had a "i wish i was in new york moment"... you'll have to talk me out of that soon.